Council members

The 2014-2015 West School Site Council members are:

 Name  West Role
 SSC Role
 Dr. Jamie Adams  Principal  Permanent

Sherry GavinTeacher, 1st Gr 2
Chris Flores     Teacher, 3rd Gr
Megan Medvitz    Teacher, 4th Gr 2
Jamie EvareTeacher, Spclst   1

Sarah Adams
Leslie HuieParent   2
Theo KotseroglouParent1
Valerie LeungParent2
Christy Maclean-Chu
Suma RajuParent 1

All SSC members serve for (staggered) two-year terms. The number in the "SSC role" column indicates which year, of the two, the representative is serving during the 2014-2015 school year.