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 Name  West Role
 SSC Role
 Dr. Jamie Adams  Principal  Permanent
 Sherry Lynes  Counselor  1
 Sorita Murphy  Secretary  1
 Sarah Lois  Teacher (4th)  2
 Judy Pappas
 Teacher (3rd)
 Jeannie Ainsworth
 Teacher (K)
 Don Geddis
 Parent  SSC chair, 2
 Teresa Pai
 Parent  2
 Nancy McCormick
 Parent  2
 Steve Gans
 Parent  SSC secretary, 1
 Deb Kelly
 Parent  1
 Marlene Tuzar
 Parent  1

All SSC members serve for (staggered) two-year terms. The number in the "SSC role" column indicates which year, of the two, the representative was serving during the 2010-2011 school year.